The Charter is an all-pervading magical energy, commonly believed to have no beginning or end. It is a power derived from Free Magic, resulting from the sacrafice of Seven in the Beginning.

The Charter is responsible for Charter Magic, and whilst it is usually only felt by Charter Mages, it touches everyone in the Old Kingdom. The Charter can be accessed in Ancelestierre, but does not exist there.


The Charter originated when the Seven bound Orannis in the defence of Life. Seven of the Nine bound their powers in their song of seven distinct voices - replicable in the Necromantic Bells. These voices bound Free Magic into the form of symbols, now referred to as Charter Marks, and bond all of life in its song.

Great ChartersEdit

Five Great Charters knit the land.'Together linked, hand in hand.'One in the people who wear the Crown.'Two in the folk who keep the Dead down.'Three and Five became stone and mortar.'Four sees all in frozen water.

This rhyme, commonly sung by school-children in the Old Kingdom, shows how the power of the Charter was distributed. Five of the Seven gave up their corporeal form and concious thought, and bound themselves in five bloodlines. One went into the Royal Bloodline, Two into the Abhorsens, Three and Five bound into the Wall, Great Charter Stones and the Wallmakers, whilst four was bound into the Clayr line.