Ranna is the first of the necromantic bells most commonly used by necromancers. The "Sleepbringer" or "Sleeper", Ranna is the smallest of the bells, with a sleep, low sound. Its tone induces sleep, quiescence, and/or relaxation in humans and Dead alike. It may send the weakest of the Dead back into Death. It is the size of a pill bottle.

""Ranna," she said aloud, touching the first, the smallest bell. Ranna the Sleepbringer, the sweet, low sound that brought silence in its wake."


  • Ranna is the bell used to bind Kerrigor and for Lirael and most of Abhorsen is the bell which binds Mogget.
  • Ranna is usually a weak bell (i.e. not considered of much consequence) but it used repeatedly throughout the series by both the Abhorsen and others. Ranna can also be very strong if she must be.
  • Named after one of the Nine Bright Shiners who gave it its power. We assume Ranna was the weakest of the Nine.
  • Ranna is considered the most forgiving bell, in that if it is rung improperly, it will not have an adverse effect on the ringer (i.e. unlike Kibeth which may make the ringer walk to Death, not the listener, if it is rung improperly, or Dyrim and Belgaer which may erase speech and memories respectively from the ringer if rung improperly)