The Clayr are one of the powerfully magical lineages resulting from the Beginning of the Charter. They descend from one of the Nine Bright Shiners, gifting them powerful Charter magic but their most special gift - Prophecy. The Clayr are the only known people able to view the future accurately.


Clayr are usually blond-haired and blue/green-eyed, with tan nut-brown skin which never burns. These seem to be family-wide, shared traits which only differ when another parentage - such as an Abhorsen line - overrides it as in Lirael's case. They are nearly all female for an unknown reason.


The Clayrs, being the largest of the Charter Bloodlines, have the greatest degree of changing abilities. Some Clayr have great power in Weather magic whilst others have power in offensive magic. However, some would argue the defining power of a Clayr is their ability to see a glimpse of the future. Usually, a Clayr can see a fuzzy, minor view of any part of the future (unless power magic blocks their view) that - when seen individually - tends to offer little insight. However, the Clayr are able to pool their 'Sight' when they work in concert using ice as a magnifier. The result is a cohesive prophetic vision visible only to one person. This is done in the 'Nine Day Watch'.

The GlacierEdit

The Clayr live in the Clayr Glacier - an huge fortress in the icy north with the very source of the Ratterlin at its heart. The Glacier houses all of the Clayr for their entire lives usually. It contains canteens where they can eat, places to work, burial chambers and, most impressively of all, the Great Library of the Clayr.

Famous ClayrEdit

  • Sanar & Ryelle - twins with the Strongest Sight
  • Lireal - a half-Clayr, half-Abhorsen (Rememberancer)