The Abhorsens are those of the hereditary bloodline whose charge is maintaining the border between life and death, though inheritance is not always direct –the next Abhorsen could be a niece or cousin or sibling, rather than the current Abhorsen's child. The Abhorsen combines Charter Magic and Free Magic in his/her bells to compel and control the dead, righting the wrongs created by Necromancers or others who pervert the nature of Life and Dead. They use Necromantic Bells infused with Charter Magic.

Abhorsen's HouseEdit

The Abhorsen stronghold, called Abhorsen's House, is located on an island in the Ratterlin near the Long Cliffs. The House lies in close proximity to a great waterfall; the associated rapids complement the magical wards of the House in keeping the Dead and other dangerous things from accessing it. The House is surrounded on all sides by the fast running water of the Ratterlin, and this was created by the Wallmaker (who spelled the river to bend at a certain point). The location was most likely chosen for the defence of the Water, but there is a chance it was the fact that Astarael lingered beneath the house (see Bloodline).


In Nicholas Sayre and the Creature in the Case, the Hrule implies that they are the bloodline created when Astarael bound herself in the Charter, calling them "Astarael's get". The origin of the name "Abhorsen" in the book's world is unknown, but Nix may have chosen the name referencing "Abhorson," the executioner in Shakespeare's Measure for Measure. Saraneth is also thought to be in the Abhorsen's blood as well as Astarael.

Lirael wields Astarael against Orannis, and she is the Abhorsen-in-Waiting.

Sabriel wields Saraneth against Orannis, and she is the Abhorsen.


Abhorsen's usally spend years (or even decades) with their predecessor's, in order to learn the craft of a necromancer. Whilst training, they are known as Abhorsen's-in-Waiting (for obvious reasons). They are trained using Panpipes, which are weaker versions of the Bells. This means they are less dangerous to the Abhorsen-in-Waiting, but they can't do as much. Sabriel was never an Abhorsen-in-Waiting (really - though technically she would have been classed as one) since she never trained with her father and it is assumed that Terciel had hoped to wait until she was older to train her, but the rise of Kerrigor stopped this. Lirael will become a true Abhorsen-in-waiting, after the events of Abhorsen.

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